Veracity Consulting

Brand Refresh

Veracity Consulting is a technology company based in Kansas City. At the beginning of our engagement they had business cards, a newly-redesigned website and a set of ads that they didn’t use often. We were asked to streamline their collateral.

Color palette:

When asked to create new collateral, I began by streamlining their color palette. Veracity’s main brand color is green, so I decided to choose a deep navy to make the green pop and give them a palette that might be different from the often-used grays and blacks in the tech space. 


Paper system:

Their website is very linear and modern, so I continued with sharp angles and boxes in their business stationery. The navy serves as a base, and green is used as an accent. Veracity touts their people-centered approach, so I used already-approved photography in a clean way, unobstructed by graphic elements except for a single green outlined box that encloses the content and the subjects in the photo. 

Marketing and sales collateral:

I extended the refreshed color palette and brand elements to Veracity’s sales collateral, which includes case studies, informational one-pagers and a templated presentation deck.


Social media / content graphics:

Social media gives me the chance to work within Veracity’s brand a little more creatively, but I stick with sharpness and boldness of the other Veracity collateral. I also create visuals as needed to explain complex processes of Veracity’s service offerings.

Style guide:

In their style guide I standardized their colors, photography, logo usage and typography treatment. The aforementioned ads are used as a supporting image element in Veracity’s service line overviews.